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The Dobrowskaz Foundation was founded thanks to the involvement of a group of people wishing to point / indicate the „good” on a continuous and organized basis.

The Foundation’s activities are aimed at children and the youth that is at risk of rejection. Premature sexual initiation, or any kinds of stimulant, is no stranger to our those we work with. Our goal is to show the kids other, often unknown or forgotten patterns of behavior that would be able to protect them from any dangers. All activities of the Foundation are organized in a balanced way, adapted to the needs of each individuals. Not only do we pinpoint abnormalities in the process of bringing up, but we also want to eliminate them. However, our primary goal is to identify and develop the positive qualities of each of our pupils. We have a tremendous amount of faith that the moment when they choose their own good life path will come. The purpose of the Foundation activities is to provide with the best possible tools that will help them to become better people. We are aware that education or promoting cultural and intellectual development is a task not only for educational institutions. Supportive and empowering activities should also be promoted outside these institutions and the school year. That is why we organize summer holidays filled with artistic, sports and intellectual activities for children and adolescents with a deeper – also educational – notion.

We also carry out activities among those in penitentiary establishments as well as their families. We want to help individual families to rebuild their disturbed relationships. We focus on practical communication on how the joint actions unite. With so much strength, willingness and infinite amount of kindness, we strive to build a clear message what connects and strengthens. We believe that doing good together builds the family identity and makes everyone feel appreciated and needed.

As a foundation, we are a group that primarily has ourselves – that is our strength. This strength is never too much … Today we count we make the world better for children on even greater scale. Each of us can add a piece of ourselves to this venture, each one of us can save someone.

We would like to invite you for cooperation!

Details for the foreign transfer
Beneficiary account: PL87109027630000000141233673
Beneficiary bank name: Santander Bank Polska S.A.
Beneficiary bank code: WBKPPLPP

Dane do przelewu krajowego
Numer rachunku odbiorcy: 87109027630000000141233673
Nazwa banku: Santander Bank Polska S.A.
Kod BIC (Swift) banku: WBKPPLPP